Thank you Hannah for your advice last week, 9 days in and pain has really eased and I appear to have more energy. Night time leg muscle cramps have also eased which is helping me get a restful night's sleep. Really relaxed atmosphere at your clinic, thank you again xx




When I was introduced to Hannah I must admit I was skeptical because I had been in pain so long that I had sort of given up on being out of pain. As it was connected to my Diverticulitis I felt sometimes I was an old woman as I was pulling myself upstairs and found general walking difficult. Though I am holding down a full-time job I was getting by on pain killers. Hannah was approachable and listened to me, she asked me questions and it was only after a long discussion, which included a full exploration of the medicine I am on and the reasons I am on them, none being for the diverticulitis, as the doctors had not prescribed anything for it. Hannah felt able to prescribe some herbal remedies. This was also after checking that I wanted to proceed which helped me feel in control of my health issues. The medication arrived quickly, and I was able to start the treatment. During the program, Hannah kept in touch and was accessible if I had any queries. Within a few days the pain had lessened, and I had resumed normal bowel movements. When I contracted Covid Hannah again sent me some medication which helped me fight the fatigue I had been left with. I am now able to function and feel less fatigued than previously and I know that Hannah is still available and will listen to me if any concerns crop up. I have no hesitation in recommending Hannah to anyone who is wanting to have someone listen to them, ask them if they wish to proceed (without any hard sell), and prescribe remedies which work.


From Shrewsbury


My life was consumed with pain – back pain, nerve pain in my leg and foot, an ache in my neck, and pain in my hand – it seemed to be spreading, and it had been absolutely terrible for the previous two years or so. By the time I sought help with Hannah, I had already lost my health, my job, and some of my friends. Things were overwhelmingly bad. Then I found Physic Health. Hannah treated me like a person should be; kindly and with compassion. She actively listened to my woes. With a sensible and honest approach, we discussed a plan of action to help me rebuild and frankly, reclaim my life. It was a two-pronged approach. Firstly, various herbal mixes tailored to my specific needs, that would be safe to take alongside my existing NHS prescribed medicines, and that I felt comfortable to try. Secondly, life coaching, pointing me in the direction of various self-help guides and techniques, to allow me to effectively reframe my experiences, paving the route to moving on. We checked in weekly to review the efficacy of the herbal mixes and to monitor my progress. As a result, I was able to reduce or cease some medications, and let go of my previous pain experiences. I began to feel human again. A person with a little bit more zing, a lot more go, and a heck of a lot happier than before. It’s wonderful to have something other than hospital appointments in my diary! I’m now focusing on the here and now, daring to plan the near future, and enjoying good times! Would I recommend this approach to healthcare? Based on my experience, yes I would.


From Sussex

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