Why do I need the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme?

Most of my clients are cancer survivors who are struggling with menopause, and finding that hot flushes, mood swings and fatigue are ruining their life.

They’ve reached their lowest point, where they simply can’t function anymore.

There’s just no energy left to enjoy time with family and friends or feel like they’ve done a good day’s work. If it carries on for too long, it can eventually impact income, and relationships. They are desperate to get back to their best selves fast but have no idea how to go about it.

If a surgical or chemical menopause is making your life unbearable, this programme is for you. Together we can transform your menopause after cancer journey within just 12 weeks. You’ll feel back in control of your body, see your symptoms dramatically improving, and get back to loving life again.

Hannah was recommended to me by a friend. I had been prescribed HRT by my doctor but I wasn’t happy with the prospect of taking it long term. I wanted to find a natural alternative. 

Hannah was very thorough in finding out about my medical history and I was really pleased when she said that she could help me. 

I came off HRT with Hannah’s support and the herbal medicine really helped with my perimenopausal symptoms. Our weekly sessions focussed on my overall health and well-being, particularly regulating blood sugar levels. My general health has transformed and any perimenopausal symptoms I was suffering from have disappeared. 

I would highly recommend Hannah.

Clare from Shropshire

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Can Herbal HRT really help my menopause symptoms after cancer?


First, I need to understand how you’ve become unwell and address each factor in a methodical way. As well as being a Medical Herbalist I’m also a Health Coach and Advanced Hypnotherapist. This means that I can assess psycho-emotional, physical and lifestyle factors all at the same time and get to the root causes very quickly. 

I offer advice on herbal medicine and health coaching based on my training and experience, but that’s not all! Lots of my patients feel misunderstood even by their own families. Although their cancer treatment has finished, they’re still trying to deal with the trauma, side effects of their medication, and uncontrolled menopause symptoms as well. That’s why it’s best to use a fully integrated approach that gets real results fast.

The rescue programme uses presribed herbs to help restore harmony on the physical level, along with moral support, health coaching and/or hypnotherapy to work on the emotional aspects. We have had amazing results for ladies with extreme menopause symptoms in as little as 4 weeks.

I have struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis and Fibromyalgia for many years, and it all got worse as I reached menopause.  My son came home from school in February with Covid and I inevitably contracted it too.  I was in so much pain in my lower back and hips I was struggling to function and would need to sleep every afternoon. I had been taking medication from the doctor for many years…

The most important part of the process with Hannah for me was that I was not rushed and I was allowed time to explain exactly how I felt.  Hannah then assessed me as a whole and discussed what areas I would like to address first.

The main outcome for me was my reduction in pain it took a few weeks and at first I felt worse before I improved.  I have recently joined a gym and this is something I could never see myself doing again. I am loving being able to do more exercise and and not needing to sleep every afternoon”. 

Melanie from Shropshire



What Does the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme Involve?

Herbs for the Menopause

You can choose to combine 12 weeks of personalised herbal treatment with either 12 health coaching sessions, or 4 advanced hypnotherapy sessions.

  • Your first appointment is the longest, because it combines a full health assessment with your first coaching session if you choose the coaching option. All sessions are held securely online, and this one takes between 60-90 minutes. I’ll finish by briefly explaining your personalised herbal treatment and coaching programme to you, and we book your next coaching session.
  • If you see me in person, I’ll examine your eyes and take photos of each iris. I use iridology to help establish your constitutional weak spots and fine tune your herbal treatment accordingly.
  • Your herbal medicine is posted out, initially in batches of around 2 weeks supply so we can ensure you’re always on the best prescription. 
  • Each weekly coaching/accountability session is 15 minutes long, where we check how your previous goal went, and set another for the following week. This continues usually at a set time every week until you complete the programme. We focus on 8 key areas whilst the herbal medicine works in the background.
  • Alternatively, you can have 4 1 hour hypnotherapy sessions a week apart. 
  • At the end of your programme we assess how far you’ve come and discuss whether you’d like to continue on a month-by-month basis or finish your treatment at that point.

What if I feel I need all 3: Herbal medicine, health coaching AND hypnotherapy?

No problem! Simply book a free call so we can talk through exactly what you need, and I can put together some bespoke treatment options for you.


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How & When Will My Menopause Symptoms Improve?

This is a unique programme developed over 20 years in herbal practice. It works by fully understanding the many layers of reasons behind your menopause symptoms, and how best to address the deep rooted causes.

By the end of your first appointment I’ll have a clear idea of where things have gone wrong and what steps we need to take to put them right again. I’ll then create an individual care plan for you, which we work through together, focussing on these key areas:

  • Understanding how you became unwell, and how to avoid the same happening again.
  • How to use mindset to help create lasting wellness.
  • The best way to nourish your body given your specific medical history.
  • How to support your recovery with good hydration and hydration therapy at home.
  • Healthy breathing for your cellular health and vitality.
  • Finding the right kind of activity, and the motivation to do it!
  • Giving your body the chance to heal, with deep relaxation and sleep.
  • Reconnecting with joy, and getting your ‘zest for life’ back.

At the same time, the herbal medicines work in the background to nudge your body back towards optimum health. Most clients see around an 80% improvement within 90 days, where their symptoms are mostly resolved. They feel more in control, re-energised, and more confident about their long term health. Some choose to continue a while longer on a month by month basis, and others are happy to finish their treatment at that point.

I’m Still On Medication For My Cancer. How Can I Be Sure Your Herbal Treatments Will Keep Me Safe?

All of your herbs are checked against your medication for potential interactions before I prescribe them, to ensure that there’s no risk of them interfering. We also discuss any particular concerns relating to your herbal treatment during your first consultation and come up with a protocol that you will feel confident with.

It was the start of the menopause for me. The panic, the anxiety, the mood swings, the nights sweats. I mean those damn night sweats. My husband would be all cosy on his side of the bed tucked up, -5 outside and I’m in my knickers dying from over overheat. The dryness. Won’t be more specific but you get my drift. The hot flushes. The lack of joy.

Most women don’t know that the sudden anxiety and lack of joy feeling is the menopause starting. HRT was not an option for me – with my medical history I couldn’t take it.

Hannah literally changed my life. She created a herbal prescription bespoke for me, based on my symptoms. I saw relief within 2 weeks. I don’t take anything now, over 2 years on. No symptoms. I feel like a totally different person.

I had a severe period of grief to deal with in the middle and the herbal prescription helped me, to balance out my emotions. To help me feel like I was in control. 

If you are struggling with symptoms, you are not sure if it’s peri menopause or menopause and you want some advice, I can highly recommend this programme”.

Andrea Rainsford – Staffordshire.


What is my investment in the Menopause 90 Day Rescue Programme?

The investment for this programme is £1700 which can be paid up front or in 3 instalments, although the instalment option incurs a 5% surcharge. 

Timewise, we begin with an initial 60-90 minute session, which can be split into two if you’d find that more manageable.

If you choose the health coaching option, you’ll have a goal to work towards every week, and a 15 minute online accountability session with me. Both are tailored to make sure they get you maximum benefit whilst still being manageable around your other commitments. As this programme is designed for busy people, each goal should take no more than 15 minutes a day to complete.

If you choose the advanced hypnotherapy option, we’ll book you 4 weekly sessions, which take around an hour each. You’ll receive a short recording to listen to at least once a day in between sessions, to reinforce the work we’re doing. You’ll also have 2 additional follow up appointments for your herbal treatment once the hypnotherapy sessions are complete.


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How Do I Start On My Menopause Symptom Recovery?

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Do You Need A Bespoke Menopause Treatment Programme?

If the Menopause Rescue Programme sounds almost right but you need some extra TLC, simply book a free call now and tell me what’s going on. Together we can come up with the perfect bespoke programme to resolve your menopause symptoms, and work on any other health issues fast.





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Can this programme treat other conditions besides menopause after cancer?


The 90 Day Rescue programme has been successfully used by patients with all kinds of health issues including:

  • Natural menopause
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Migraines
  • IBS
  • Joint pains
  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure

Why not get in touch and tell us what’s going on for you?


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