Frequently Asked Questions

About My Practice

How did you train in Herbal Medicine?

I trained for four years at Middlesex University. This included ‘hands-on’ clinical training with patients, as well as anatomy & physiology, clinical skills, herbal therapeutics, aromatic medicine, and herbal pharmacy.

What form of medicines do you use?

What happens when I finish one of your treatment programmes?

Who would benefit from your home study programme?

How does your home study programme work?

About Herbal Medicine

How do you know which herbs to use?

I know which herbs to use from the answers the patient gives during their first in depth consultation. I also use Iridology where I examine the eyes to get extra insight into their constitution.

Can Herbal Medicine and Other Medicine Be Used Together?

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Is herbal medicine available on the NHS?

Where can I study herbal medicine?

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Is Herbal Medicine government regulated?

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Herbal medicine and fertility?

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Why are herbs better than medicine?

Does herbal medicine have any side effects?

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How many herbs will be in my bottle?

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Herbal Medicine Vs Western Medicine?

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Herbal Medicine for anxiety?

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My Doctor says that herbal medicine isn’t worth trying. Is that true?

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Herbal medicine to calm nerves?

What forms does your herbal medicine come in?

Which herbal medicine is good for sleep?

Herbal medicine to boost immune system?

What if I’m allergic to some herbal medicines?