What Is Hypnotherapy For Menopause?

We all behave in ways we don’t want to sometimes. However much you may know that being more active would make you feel better, you still can’t find the motivation to exercise. You might suddenly find that you’re shouting at the kids, but they’ve done nothing wrong, or that you feel unsafe in certain situations you used to enjoy.

This behaviour is driven by your subconscious mind, according to the blueprints it formed in your early life. Some of those blueprints are really helpful as you grow up and learn to live your own life, and others not so much. As we reach peri-menopause, the various changes we go through can act like a magnifying glass, so that negative patterns or behaviours become much harder to live with.

With menopause hypnotherapy, you can quickly understand and change these patterns for more helpful ones. Sometimes the shifts happen immediately and others take a little longer, but either way, they enable you to see new possibilities and move forward.

What Can Menopause Hypnotherapy Be Used For?

Menopause can be a difficult time emotionally and mentally as well as putting quite a strain on the body. My patients typically see me for help with issues like:

  • Coping with cancer treatment
  • Pain management
  • PMDD made worse by perimenopause
  • Anxiety, depression or anger
  • Losing self confidence, or sense of identity
  • Physical illness

Who Is Menopause Hypnosis For?

If you’re at the end of your tether with stress and burnout, hypnotherapy for menopause is a perfect way to find your inner calm whenever you need to. It takes your relaxation to a whole new level, enabling your body to reset and repair every day.

But there’s much more it can do besides helping you to relax. Menopause hypnosis is the perfect choice if you are:

  • Grieving for the pre-menopause version of yourself and your life
  • Feeling guilty that you can’t look after family and work like you used to
  • Struggling with physical pain
  • Having to cope with menopause symptoms on top of cancer
  • Looking for new ways to work on physical illness without medication

Why Do You Need Menopause Hypnotherapy?

By the time we reach peri-menopause, most of us are in our early 40’s and around halfway through our natural life. It’s inevitably a time when we reflect on life so far, and how we’d like to spend the remaining time we have. Sometimes this can be a painful process, and hypnotherapy can really help

Hypnotherapy For Menopause After Cancer

If you’re suffering with menopause symptoms brought on by cancer treatment, hypnotherapy works wonders, especially if you’re nervous about taking herbs alongside yor medication. Many of my patients arrive with severe menopause anxiety, amplified by the trauma of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.


Some also carry guilt around having cancer in the first place, and the impact it has on their family. Advanced hypnotherapy can really help to gently resolve guilt, trauma, anxiety and any physical symptoms quickly. Patients often say that hypnotherapy has given them a way to cope with their treatment, relax, and enjoy life again. 

You deserve to be as happy and healthy as you can be, but we can all self sabotage and get in our own way. I’ve found myself doing this in various ways over the years and I’ve used hypnotherapy for over 30 years to move forward quickly and easily. Often I’ve felt the change immediately during the session, and many of my clients have noticed the same.

Hypnotherapy, whether you’re using it for peri-menopause or at any other point, lets you live your best life. Whether you need the confidence to apply for a promotion, or to let go of a diffifcult relationship, hypnotherapy gets you into the right headspace, opening endless new opportunities.

Traditional medicine has always appreciated the strong mind-body connection when it comes to health and illness. If you want to take your health, vitality or performance to a whole new level, mindset is absolutely key and that’s where advanced hypnotherapy can make such a difference. There has been a lot of research in how the mind can be used to heal the body over the fast few years. Author Steven Kotler has written extensively on how the right mindset leads to peak performance in sports, business, and all areas of life. 

Further down this page I explain more about how I’ve used hypnotherapy myself, ever since I was 15. If you’re a very driven, ambitious kind of person like me, you’ll know how frustrating it is to feel like the brakes have gone on and you can’t move forward. I’ve been there many times when my own limiting beliefs have got in the way. I’ve tried talking therapies, EFT and hypnotherapy but always found hypnotherapy to get the fastest and longest lasting results. 



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Does hypnotherapy really work?

Read how advanced hypnotherapy has helped some of my clients

I came across Hannah by googling ‘Hypnotherapists Near Me’. Hannah stood out from the rest and looked like the sort of person I would be comfortable opening up to. The main two reasons for seeking out hypnotherapy was to help with struggling with grief and an alcohol addiction that was getting out of control. I had previously seen a counsellor but unfortunately from the first session I could tell that I didn’t feel comfortable with them and stopped the sessions. The most important parts of the process was to learn how to cope with my issues and be more positive about my feelings and myself. The issues I was dealing with were beginning to take over my life and affect my relationships with family and friends. I also found listening to the readings and the exercises I was given a great help. The main outcome for me was that I was able to identify triggers and find out where things started going wrong. Realising that if I felt more positive about myself this would change my way of dealing with my issues and make me a happier more confident person. I would highly recommend Hannah. I felt totally at ease with Hannah from the first time we met. Trying something new can be daunting but at no point did I feel nervous about my sessions. I always came away feeling relaxed.Hannah, thank you so much for all your help. You have been a great person and a great Hypnotherapist, I really cant thank you enough.

Rachel Barr, From Shropshire

Before starting hypnotherapy with Hannah I had undergone major surgery and had just finished a course of treatment for a serious illness that had left me with physical and psychological side effects, I carried an enormous amount of guilt, and fear. From the very first of the sessions with Hannah I had an immediate sense of calmness from her as well as complete understanding, empathy and patience and always felt safe in sharing thoughts and feelings, with her gentle and reassuring voice Hannah guided me through various exercises and helped me to look at the feelings and emotions that I had suppressed and was affecting my subconscious mind, through doing these exercises in our sessions I was able to finally acknowledge events and emotions and Hannah gave me the time and tools to deal with them accordingly. I always felt lighter and more balanced afterwards and am able to reinforce it by listening to recordings of exercises that I was given by Hannah. I never knew how powerful hypnotherapy could be at changing your mindset and now I use these tools to look at my life with reassurance and positivity.

Carina Teed, From Bridgnorth, Shropshire

I came to Hannah for help because I just felt off and felt worried I wouldn’t trust my judgement moving forward after a recent event. Hannah was so easy to talk to and very understanding about my lack of a clear problem or need. I had a few sessions online which worked well and we did different techniques including regressions which were a little emotional but so helpful in allowing me to realise the impact of things from the past that I had just glossed over as no big deal. Its very hard to explain how it’s helped me, but I feel very content now. Things just feel right. Life and business is going well, I’ve made new friends and opened myself to new experiences. Things are slotting into place. My best friend has even said she sees a change in me for the better. I’ve found it really hard to write this review as it’s all so vague, but I really have felt an inner change for the better that I just can’t describe. Even if you’re not sure exactly what’s ‘wrong’, I highly recommend hypnotherapy and Hannah as a therapist to help you

Fiona Jackson, From Merseyside

I have known Hannah for a couple of years as we studied hypnotherapy together. I adore her caring but no nonsense approach. I also recently had hypnotherapy with her to work on my confidence and money mindset. From start to finish she led me through the session, ensuring I got the most benefit possible and afterwards I cannot sing her praises highly enough on the impact that session is having so far in my life. She is always calm, friendly, approachable and honest and has strong integrity. Additionally she is extremely knowledgeable and knows her stuff both as a hypnotherapist, herbalist and in fact almost most things. I am also currently reading her book Minted. A totally inspirational lady and I feel very privileged to have her in my life. Thank you Hannah.

Sally Harris, From Maidstone

I had been struggling with chronic migraines for years and had tried various treatments, from medication to chiropractic care, but nothing seemed to work. After hearing great things about Hannah’s hypnotherapy sessions, I decided to give it a try. From the very beginning, Hannah’s professionalism and support put me at ease. She took the time to thoroughly explain the process and answer any questions I had.During our sessions, I found myself deeply relaxed and in a state of focused awareness. Through her guidance, I was able to access parts of my subconscious that I hadn’t before, leading to a better understanding of the root cause of my migraines. I also found that the hypnotherapy helped me manage stress better and improved my overall well-being.Since working with Hannah, I have noticed a significant decrease in my migraine symptoms. I’m no longer constantly in pain, which has greatly improved my quality of life. I highly recommend Hannah to anyone looking to explore alternative therapies for their health concerns.

Georgia Perkins, From Bristol

What Is Hypnohealing?

Hypnohealing uses hypnosis to activate your body’s healing processes to recover from physical illnes or injury. It was first used in this way by Advanced Hypnotherapist Bill Atkinson Ball, following a fall from a plane. Bill experimented with visualisation under hypnosis to work on healing his serious injuries, and made an incredible recovery. Hypnohealing needs a deep state of hypnosis so a minimum of 5 sessions would be required if you’d like to try it.


Whether you’d like to change a habit, behaviour, belief or health issue which no longer serves you, menopause hypnotherapy is just what you need. Using dynamic techniques, we can directly access your subconscious mind and unlock any answer you’re looking for.

What To Expect From Your First Menopause Hypnotherapy Session

During hypnosis you’re fully aware and in control of everything you’re saying and doing. In your first session I help you into hypnosis by talking you through relaxing your body, one part at a time. Then you use your imagination to create a safe, peaceful sanctuary you can visit whenever you like, and if time allows we may do another exercise depending on what you need.

After the session you’ll be sent a recording to listen to at home every day. This allows you to practice going into hypnosis, and gives you a reason to take some time and space for yourself.

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Why Choose Hannah For Menopause Hypnotherapy?

I was taken to a hypnotherapist when I was 15, and I was in the throes of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Whilst I was getting physically stronger every day, my mind couldn’t catch up. I’d completely lost my confidence with school, along with any hope of training to be a Vet, which back then was the only career I was interested in!

I came out of my first session a completely different person to how I’d gone in. My parents were so impressed by the change that they both wanted to train as hypnotherapists themselves. They chose the only college in the world that taught Advanced Hypnotherapy. These techniques were lightyears ahead of their time, and far more dynamic than standard suggestion therapy because they spoke directly to the subconscious mind in order to find answers and instantly change core beliefs. My parents also learned ‘hypnohealing’, a powerful technique which allows a person to speed up their healing from physical pain, illness, or injury.

So for months either my mum or dad were going to London every other weekend for their training, and sometimes I’d go up too for the other students to practice on. There I met Eammon, who was one of my dad’s classmates. My dad came out of the police, my mum quit teaching and they ran a very successful hypnotherapy practice for years after they qualified. I knew that I wanted to train in Advanced Hypnotherapy too, but first I wanted to qualify in herbal medicine and set up my practice.

Over the years I saw hypnotherapists whenever I found myself stuck in an unhelpful mindset. Often this was having a huge impact on my life and I needed to break through quickly. I also used Hypnobirthing when my son was born, and the medical staff were amazed at how calm I was throughout.

Some thirty years after I first wanted to train, I decided it was time. I looked for the college my parents went to but it had long since closed, so I trusted that the right teacher would appear from somewhere. Along came Jo Howarth, who had trained with my dad’s classmate, Eammon! Jo runs the Happiness Club Hypnotherapy School, so I completed 450 hours training with her in January 2022, with Eammon as the assessor on my final practical exam.

I have since joined the General Hypnotherapy Register, and I complete monthly group supervision/CPD as well as attending formal courses. I have a special interest in improving pain, physical illness and performance with hypnosis.

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  • Chronic stress, anxiety & low mood
  • Fertility problems
  • Pregnancy sickness, peaceful birth and
  • Complex or life changing health issues
  • Chronic or severe pain
  • Grief & loss
  • Trauma
  • Addictions

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  • General menopause symptoms like hot flushes
  • Fears & phobias
  • Physical illness / pain
  • Chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia / long covid
  • Moderate anxiety / low mood / mood swings
  • Coming to terms with life changing events
  • Lack of self confidence
  • Weight release
  • Improving performance

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  • Mild anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Mild lack of confidence/self esteem
  • Migraines

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Advanced hypnotherapy is brilliant for menopause, but that’s not all it can do!

It can be used for all kinds of physical, emotional and mental health issues. I particularly love working with:

  • Physical pain
  • Processing grief and other difficult feelings
  • Rehabilitation following intensive treatments
  • Coming to terms with end of life
  • Performance enhancement
  • Loss of self confidence

It really is life changing, and it’s fast too! Why not give it a try?

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