I definitely recommend Hannah, caring, compassionate, thorough. I came to Hannah for the Menopause, the great thing about it, any feelings, symptoms you have you can have a tailor made tincture made just for you! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Hannah and I have! If you are thinking about it, don't hesitate contact Hannah today!

Carolyn Sharples

From Hampshire


A huge thank you Hannah. No one warned me how much menopause sucked it was just something people in my family or life talked about. Nothing prepared me for the hot flushes the pain the memory loss and all of this on-top of fibromyalgia. I really didn’t want to go down the HRT route but at the start of 2023 after having fluid taken off my brain I was at my wits end and a friend mentioned Hannah and I thought why not. We attacked it on several levels - diet I am dairy free and gluten free and thanks to Green Chef I have a KETO diet that has helped massively with the chronic fatigue for both the fibromyalgia and the menopause symptoms We also undertook hypnotherapy which has enabled me to deal with unresolved trauma and help me be more balanced - this is a work in progress! Finally Hannah did me a prescription tea which helped massively and gave me an energy boost when I needed one After 3 months of working with Hannah I was able to say ‘no’ to the stuff I had been saying yes to for years and also take back control of my health. It’s an interesting feeling needing a hot water bottle a fan and an ice pack at the same time as my head boiled and nu feet froze however we conquered it and my symptoms as long as I keep drinking LOTS of water, and doing the inner work continue to improve - the last 12 months have seen an unbelievable change in me and I am in a much better place and still no HRT! At my last check up for the fluid on the brain and calcium on the back of the discs in my eyes the consultant was amazed that they hadn’t worsened and that things touch wood seem to be stable. Thanks Hannah for being there with a solution when I needed you most Suzie x

Suzie Oulton

From Shropshire


After months of terrible hot flushes and intense sweating, with no relief from medical intervention, I searched for a medical herbalist and came across Hannah Charman. Her page spoke to me and had everything I needed on there. I immediately picked up the telephone and called her. I was at my lowest when we first spoke, I thought no one could help me get through this after suffering for so long. We chatted and as we talked my confidence grew at her knowledge and positive attitude that she could help me . I signed up for a three month period. In that time through medicine, nutrition, meditation, exercise and goals that she set my hot flushes are gone. I’m losing weight something I have struggled with and I feel that I have got myself back . The weekly chats helped me immensely. What was so important to me is that Hannah properly listened to me. She acted on everything we discussed and understood my problems. It changed my mindset and I am now dry, happy and more confident. Hannah has definitely turned my life around and I couldn’t be more grateful to her . I have recommended her to all my friends.

Lynn McCormack

From Worcestershire


I’d been on the menopause for four years but last year I hit a real low! I was becoming more and more tired and drifting through life. What really affected me more than anything was the very low mood, I’d be in floods of tears each week! Then after several episodes where I just couldn’t get my brain to work (frightening) which was worse than the brain fog I’d experienced, I went to the doctors and started HRT. I also hoped it would help with arthritis that was getting worse in my neck. How I wished that I’d heard of Hannah back then! HRT helped a little and was stopped after having side effects. I’m so thankful I discovered Hannah through searching online for a Herbalist. Hannah took on board the various symptoms and concerns and sent specific herbal medicine to help along with weekly encouragement and advice to change my diet and introduce relaxation and exercise. Within weeks I was feeling much brighter and in less pain. My eating habits are so different but have I been on a diet? It was so seamless and the progression gradual. My body aching all over every morning has gone. Most of the time I think have I got arthritis in my neck now? I’ve been able to apply myself to tasks which would have been impossible twelve months ago. I’m so thankful for Hannah’s help and the lifelong changes that I’ve made. She certainly delivers what she promises to do! I strongly recommend her expertise.


From Mid-Wales

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