The Main Issue

Twenty years before we first met, Sharon had been involved in a road accident which left her with crippling pain and relentless fatigue. She was eventually diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and referred for various treatments, none of which she’d had much success with.

Sharon was 51 when we first met, and by then menopausal hormone changes had made her fibro symptoms far worse. Brain fog had prevented her from studying to further her career, and virtually all kinds of foods aggravated her symptoms. She had a physical job so was only able to work for 2 hours a day, and relied on her family to cook and care for her the rest of the time.

What We Did

We began with a lengthy first consultation, where we established that Sharon needed to take numerous forms of medication to help manage her symptoms. We also explored some of the psycho-emotional aspects of what was happening, and discovered that some emotional baggage she’d been hanging onto was stopping her from moving forward. Sharon agreed to do some background reading to help her with these issues whilst the herbs worked more on the physical level.

The aims of her herbal treatment were:

  • To reduce the effect of hormone fluctuations on her fibromyalgia symptoms.
  • To work specifically on the fatigue aspect as this was the most problematic.
  • To begin working on the underlying causes of the fibromyalgia.

Although it was an ambitious target given the amount of time we had available, we still aimed for an 80% improvement within 8-12 weeks.

The Outcome

Just 4 weeks into her programme, Sharon noted a 50% improvement in her brain fog. She’d enrolled on a yoga challenge and managed to complete all 5 days, as well as being able to walk around a garden show all day without having to rest. A few weeks later, Sharon was involved in a minor road accident which meant she needed some extra support, as she was worried it would retrigger the fibro. Despite this setback, she coped extremely well and her health continued to improve.

Soon after the road accident, Sharon’s husband had a major heart attack. She was able to give him CPR until the ambulance came, and had enough energy to care for him whilst he made a full recovery at home.  Sharon has astounded herself, me, and her family with the amazing transformation we’ve all seen since she began her treatment.

You can read Sharon’s testimonial here.

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