Andrea Rainsford

The Main Issue

Andrea had been struggling with hormonal issues most of her adult life. It became apparent that she had endometriosis and fibroids along with awful PMS. Terribly painful periods at a young age which meant she had to go on the pill at 14.

Andrea was unable to take HRT following a stroke, and took to social media to look for an alternative as the night sweats had turned into day sweats, the mood swings were unbearable, anxiety and depression, itchy skin, fatigue, vaginal dryness. The list goes on. Many ladies on LinkedIn recommended Hannah and Andrea made contact.

What We Did

Andrea and Hannah had an initial conversation and Andrea was impressed by her extensive knowledge in the area of menopause. During their discussion, Andrea realised that she’d had problems with oestrogen dominance for decades. She had managed with her symptoms however the stresses of life had meant she was no longer producing sufficient amounts of key hormones, and her symptoms were becoming overwhelming.

Andrea started on the Menopause Rescue Programme and began taking a bespoke herbal medicine, tailored to address her underlying hormone imbalances. Hannah spoke with Andrea every week for 12 weeks, continually monitoring and guiding, and Andrea noticed a difference in her symptoms within 6 weeks.

The Outcome

Andrea noticed that her day sweats diminished first. This was the biggest and main issue for her, followed by night sweats which she has been struggling with for over 10 years. She noticed her skin became less dry and she was starting to look and feel younger. Her skin looked plump again. The fatigue improved bit by bit and after a few weeks it was much improved. The vaginal dryness was helped by pessaries that Hannah creates herself and Andrea was able to go back to growing her SEO business without her menopause symptoms getting in the way.

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