Why Do I Need The Botanical Reset Programme?

This herbal treatment programme is perfect if you’re in early/mid perimenopause, and are noticing symptoms like migraines, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety or bloating.  During the course eight weeks, we work intensively both on the underlying hormone imbalances, and the individual symptoms themselves. We know you want to get back on your feet fast, so this programme offers intensive herbal treatment for peri-menopause, which may include a sleep mix, pessaries, or other preparations besides your main mix.

We have enough structure to make sure you get a high standard of care, and enough flexibility to tailor treatment exactly to your needs. Moral support, advocacy, and co-ordination of treatment with your wider healthcare team are all part of the service.

And although we specialise in menopause, this programme is available to anyone, with any mild to moderate health issues.

The Botanical Reset Programme is a great fit if:

• You’re in the early stages of peri menopause, and your symptoms are annoying but not life changing.

Your general health is getting worse and you need to take action right now.

You’d like a thorough health check and help with getting back on track fast.

• You’re already working with a health coach and just need herbal medicine to support.

  • You are a health coach and you’d like to refer clients who’d benefit from some HRT alternatives. 

• Your health problems have only come about quite recently (within the last 6 months)

• You’d like the peace of mind knowing that all the herbs and appointments you need are covered in the cost of your programme.

Why Treat Perimenopause With The Botanical Reset Programme?

Examples of what Botanical Reset Patients Are Looking For Include:

• Plant based HRT

• Natural remedies for peri-menopause joint pain

• Natural treatments for peri-menopause anxiety

• Drug-free relief for menopausal migraines

• Herbal remedies for weight gain


What Does The Botanical Reset Programme Involve?

We start with an hour long appointment and after that meet every 4 weeks for 20-30 minutes. Your medicine is made and sent out to you in batches of 2 week’s supply, so you’re always on the best prescription to get the improvement you’re looking for.The fee covers ALL of your medicine for the whole 8 weeks, including postage. If anything crops up during your programme, eg, you catch a virus, your prescription can be changed accordingly to help you recover faster.


We start your first appointment by assessing your health from childhood to the present day. As well as asking lots of questions, I might ask to look at your eyes.


By the end of the first appointment, I’ll understand more about exactly what’s lead you to become unwell. I may also need to go over any test results or letters relating to your condition.


I’ll explain what I think has happened, and what your herbal treatment plan will look like. If I need to speak to your Doctor for any reason, I’ll explain why and ask your permission beforehand.


Your medicine will be made to a unique prescription especially for you. As well as a mix to take orally, you might have other preparations like creams, pessaries, or aromasticks.


We’ll meet every 4 weeks, and talk in between to check your progress and ensure you’re always on your best prescription. At the end of the programme we discuss next steps.

What’s Included In The Botanical Reset Programme?

The programme includes:

• Your first appointment

• Your two follow-up appointments

• All the herbal medicine you need, including postage/delivery

• Any extra work as needed, such as liasing with your Doctors, or going through test results

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What Kind Of Results Can Be Achieved?

We aim for around a 70-80% improvement and do everything we can to maximise our chances of achieving that. Everyone experiences the benefits of their treatment in their own way, and whilst some see a big difference immediately, others notice more subtle changes over a period of time. We celebrate every step in the right direction, however small it may seem, and constantly review progress to make sure you’re still on the best prescription.

You’ll be asked to estimate your percentage improvement 4 weeks into your programme, and again at the end. As well as trying to quantify your progress in this way, we reassess each of the symptoms you mentioned in your first appointment to establish how far you’ve come overall.

Hannah encouraged me to prioritise taking care of myself, which made a huge difference!The herbs helped to support me in resetting  my sleep pattern,  enabling me to focus on elements in life where I could start to reduce my stress burden. Before long  I felt an improvement in my focus, concentration, motivation and grounding. I now feel more balanced and a lot less stressed.  I’ve recouped most of my reserves that enable me to handle life’s peaky stress flows!

Judy from Scotland, talking about how the Botanical Reset programme helped her. 

What Happens At The End Of The Eight Weeks?

We aim to get around an 80% improvement by the time you complete your programme. At the end, we discuss what we’ve achieved so far, and what you’d like to do next. You can either discontinue your treatment at that point, or continue on a ‘pay as you go’ basis.  We decide between us how much medicine you need, and how often to have your appointments in order to continue your recovery.  When you’re ready, we’ll start to reduce your dosage and make your appointments less frequent until you no longer need any treatment.

What Is The Fee For The Botanical Reset?

The fee is £750, payable up front or in 2 instalments. The instalment option costs 5% more to cover the cost of extra admin.

I Need To Do This! How Do I Get Started?

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