When’s the last time you felt completely well?

Most of us would like to supercharge our health and vitality, but have no idea how to achieve it, and no time to find out.

The BetterMySelf programme shows you exactly how to improve your health and wellbeing in eight different ways. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about functional medicine for optimum health, and created eight key modules which are easy to teach yourself at home. This programme is for you if:

• You’d like to know how to stay healthy during perimenopause.

• You’d like to know how to improve your gut health.

• You’re healthy and would like to know how to age well.

• You’d like to know how to reduce high blood pressure without medication.

• You’d like to know about self care for mental health.

When’s the last time you felt completely well?

Who is this programme for?

This programme is designed for you if you want to enjoy optimum health as you get older, if you’ve just been diagnosed with a health problem and would like to do more to help yourself, or you’d like to improve your health at home without committing to an intensive treatment programme.

By learning how to get the basics of mental, emotional and physical health in place, you’ll enjoy:

• New levels of vitality, clarity and focus.

• Better mental health.

• Feeling more confident about tackling your health issues

Who is this programme for?

Why Do You Need The Better MySelf Programme?

Have you noticed how hard it is to get reliable health advice about what to eat, how much water to drink, and how to get a good night’s rest? You can literally spend years of your life on Google getting conflicting ideas, and going nowhere.

The Better MySelf Programme fixes all of that. It’s a unique programme covering the eight modules I use with my coaching clients, so that you can easily get the basics of good health in place.

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What is The Better MySelf Programme?

What is The Better MySelf Programme?

As it’s becoming more difficult to access mainstream healthcare, it’s vital that we know how to take the best care of our health. That means learning how to optimise your physical and mental wellbeing, so that you can live a long, happy, and healthy life.

In this programme we’ve put together everything we’ve learned about health and illness over the past 30 years, into 8 punchy modules. We take you step by step through all how to get the basics of good health in place, from getting an understanding of why we become unwell, to how to nourish your body, and build emotional resilience. All of our teachings are based on our training and experience with thousands of patients, so we know they work, and we’ve made each module really easy to follow.

The revolutionary ‘Better MySelf’ programme shows you how to become far more self-sufficient in looking after your own health. It’s very versatile, and being able to purchase a module at a time makes it an affordable way to get expert training. By the time you’ve completed all 8 modules you’ll better understand how your body works, and feel much more confident when making decisions about your health.

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Who Is The Better MySelf Programme For?

There are two ways you can use this programme. Firstly, if you’re already on the Botanical Reset programme, I may suggest that you work through certain modules to target particular problem areas.

Otherwise, if you’re convalescing after an illness, or just want to learn how to take the best care of yourself, this is for you. You can do it alone, or with family, friends, or colleagues so that you have an accountability partner. It can be even be used as a corporate wellbeing programme to support employees health at work and at home.

Who Is The Better MySelf Programme For?

What Steps Does The Better MySelf Programme Involve?

There are 8 modules in total which ideally should be done in this order:

What went wrong?

We start by exploring how you’ve become unwell, and how the mind-body connection plays out in illness


Now we understand the reasons we became unwell, we work on mindset to drive healthier new habits and choices


Next we focus on how to give your body all the nutrients it needs to heal. We look at diet, supplements, and healthy digestion


We move on to looking at why good hydration is vital for health, and how water can be used in other ways to support your recovery


In this fun module we look at what can get in the way of our happiness, nurturing optimism, and coping strategies for more challenging times.


We all need to recharge with refreshing sleep and daily relaxation, so this module shows you how.


Here we look at the many benefits of daily activity, how you can find the right kind of exercise for you, and enjoy getting more active.


In this module we explore how to oxygenate your body through healthy breathing and simple lifestyle changes

Does The Better MySelf Programme qualify me to be a Health Coach?

No, professional training is much more involved, but if it would be a good way to start learning the concepts and improve your health at the same time.

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I met Hannah when she came and did a talk about menopause at work. At the time I was exhausted and although HRT had already helped me, I didn’t want to stay on it for too long. When I first spoke to Hannah I was at my lowest, because for a long time I’d been getting 3-4 flushes an hour, day and night. I couldn’t remember the last time I slept all night, and I was really worried that I couldn’t do my job properly.

Hannah did a coaching session with me every week, and it really got me thinking about other ways of taking care of myself. She was very positive and encouraging, and I really enjoyed learning about self talk, and doing the exercises she set for me. I tried some yoga, and I found her sleep meditations really helped to improve my energy levels.

Within 4 weeks I was down to just 3 flushes a day, and they were very mild compared to before. I had a sleep mix for a little while to get me back into a good pattern, but I’m still sleeping well without it now. My energy was better, and I felt a lot more confident within myself. I can cope with my life much better than before.

I’d say that by the time I finished my programme, my sleep was 100% improved. Emotionally I felt a lot stronger, and my flushes have all gone. I’m so pleased with how I feel now and I would highly recommend working with Hannah.

Martha From Wolverhampton

How Long Does The Better Myself Programme Take?

There are 8 modules altogether, and each one is designed to take about a month to complete. I’d recommend working through each module in order, but if you just want to learn the ones you’re particularly interested in, that’s fine too.

How is the Better MySelf Programme Delivered?

When you purchase the module, you’ll receive a link to the first video masterclass, and your module workbook. Later, when you’ve had time to start the exercises in your book, you’ll receive the second masterclass recording, and instructions on how to complete the module.


How Much Does The Better MySelf Programme Cost

Each module is priced at £49.99, or you can buy all 8 for £350. There will also be a referral scheme where you can earn cashback once you’ve completed the whole programme, and we can arrange corporate discounts for employers. Please ask for more details.

The modules are being released every 2 months until October 2022. Until then, you’ll only be able to purchase one module at a time. When all the modules are available, you can buy all eight for £350, so you get one module for free! If you’d like to complete the whole course as and when each module is released, just message me once you’ve purchased the Joy module, and I’ll arrange to refund you £49.99. Click here and be first to know when a new module has been launched

When Will The New Better MySelf Modules be released?

Module 1 - What Went Wrong? (Coming in January 2022)

Module 2 – Mindset

When we want to feel better, mindset needs to come above all else, so now you’ve understood why you’re unwell, it’s time for some mental preparation. The second module is all about mindset, and it’s due for release in October 2021. In this module you’ll learn:

  • How your mind works in the first video masterclass
  • How to upgrade your mindset in the second video masterclass
  • Where your mindset is now, and how to change it for the better in your self-reflection workbook.

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Module 3 – Good Food

Module 4 – Water

Module 5 – Oxygen

Module 6 – Activity

Module 7 - Rest

Module 8 - Happiness

HR Executive

I noticed a difference within four weeks and have learned a good deal through the process. I would certainly recommend Hannah's unique and effective skills to anyone approaching burnout or in need of holistic guidance.

I contacted Hannah following an extensive period of low mood and anxiety stemming from both a high-powered job and juggling childcare throughout the pandemic. I was struggling to sleep, my emotions were unpredictable and at times I wondered whether I was becoming depressed. I was keen to seek practical rather than medical solutions and as someone with an open-mind I started considering alternative remedies. Hannah was prompt to reply to my initial enquiry and offered empathetic support. I noticed a difference within four weeks and have learned a good deal through the process. I would certainly recommend Hannah's unique and effective skills to anyone approaching burnout or in need of holistic guidance. Thank you for steering me back on course.

HR Executive and Busy Mum

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